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Learn to Maximize your Earnings

Welcome to this page, where we will delve into a variety of strategies aimed at optimizing your revenue through link sharing. Join us as we explore the many different ways you can distribute links strategically to maximize your earnings potential.
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Method 1

Directly Share from the Product Page

Within each product page, you'll discover a range of choices for sharing through diverse social networks and messaging platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Once you've successfully logged in as a Referral Partner, any products you share from this interface will seamlessly integrate your unique referral ID into the URL. As a result, you'll be rightfully credited for any subsequent sales originating from these shared links.

You can share them on your Facebook timeline, in your WhatsApp groups or status, tweet them, or send them through Telegram. Wherever you share them, it doesn't matter; our system will track all the sales leads you send to us. It can even remember them for 2+ months. For example, if someone comes through your link on 15th August and buys something on 12th October, you will still get your referral award.

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Referral Income takes time. You share something today, and it may reward you after a month. But when the chain reaction starts, you won’t have to look back.

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Brooklyn Simmons

Digital Marketer, NYC

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Method 2

Use our Link Generator

Once you access the Referral Dashboard, you'll immediately spot an option titled Affiliate URLs. Within this dedicated section, you're presented with a couple of choices. Firstly, you can choose to replicate the primary referral URL, effectively directing your audience to the homepage. Alternatively, this feature allows you to ingeniously transform any standard URL into a potent personal referral link, harnessing the power of your referral network.

For added convenience, a straightforward method exists: simply append the tag ?frnd=ID to any URL of your choice, seamlessly converting it into a referral link tailored to your account. (Here ID will be your specific referral number)

Additionally, optimizing your referral strategy is made easier through the Campaign feature. By making use of this valuable tool, you gain the ability to meticulously track the performance of your various campaigns. This invaluable insight enables you to discern which among your campaigns are truly thriving and driving results.


You just need to use the Right way for you

Right People

Your friends and followers more likely to buy from you if you share something with them.

Right Product

Choose which product is suitable for who. It’s not effective to share a Saree with a bunch of men (unless they are married).

Right Photos

Pictures tells a thousand word. Choose carefully which product image you are sharing also use our creatives section where we upload graphics regularly.

Recurring Strategy

A well-written description about the product you are sharing goes a long way. Write a few catchy lines while you share.

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